About this site


My interest in our family history started several years ago, sparked by information given to me by a cousin of my mother. (Auntie Rosie). She took the trouble to hand draw charts and I found it fascinating in part because she seemed to be living in that distant past. Over the years I have investigated my family’s history and then that of my wife and tried to document those details and where they come from. Recentlythe interest spurred me to write my own WordPress plugin to present the Family Trees and I use it in this site.
This site is a repository of that information consisting of:

  • The Warland-Valliere Family Tree: This contains information on 1500 people, being our ancestors in England, Quebec, Newfoundland and elsewhere and branches from those ancestors (cousins and beyond). Because this contains information on people still living, you would need to logon to view it. There is a version with living people privatized at ………
  • Gallery:The gallery contains many digitised copies of old photographs that I have, at least one for each person where available. Some of these are also referenced within the Family Tree database.
  • Stories: I have been adding stories of our ancestry drawn from details known of how people lived at the time and from direct information where it exists and supported by maps.

Please feel free to contact me if you have an interest in the family history (Contact link above). Some of the names you would find in the tree are (Warland, Smithyes, Horlock, Bridgman, Stannard in England, Valliere, Lamirande in Quebec, Bennett, Anstey in Newfoundland.

Alma Lamirande, seated left, great great great great granddaughter of Pierre Dulignon, husband Nere Valliere and their children. (c. 1925)