DNA test results

I got the results back a month ago (for the Y-DNA, male line test). They showed me to be in the R1b1a2 haplogroup. This group migrated out of central Asia into Western Europe 25,000 years ago. The test also shows me to be related to one other person in Germany out of a 11,304 sample and one in Italy out of a 3,183 sample. These numbers are so low compared to the general populations that I don’t think they mean very much. I’m also not that clear on how far back there might be a common ancestor.
I was hoping to get a tighter result, say an identification to an Anglo-Saxon tribe that crossed to England or a renegade Roman soldier but I think that is beyond the current technology.

OpenLayers map app

After struggling for some time with javascript and the OpenLayers API I finally have an application that actually does something useful. We it lets you choose between a number of map suppliers (Google, Yahoo, Bing and OpenStreet Map), lets you choose your own markers with popups and place those markers on the map using a click and save approach. You can also load a marker set from a predefined file, include a GPX file (which you could generate on the http://www.maptogps.com/ website) and lets you find locations by a geocode search (Googles for use with their maps and Nominatem for OpenStreet Maps). The app is in a somewhat untidy state at the moment but you can see it here