Pierre Dulignon

Pierre du Lignon de la Lamirande

Alma Lamirande, great great great great granddaughter of Pierre Dulignon, husband Nere Valliere and their children. (c. 1925)

Pierre Dulignon was the eldest of a Protestant family knighted by King Henry IV. The family came from la Mirande, La Rochefoucauld in the Diocese of Angoulême. (Hence Pierre du Lignon de la Mirande). Pierre’s grandfather was Jacques Dulignon and his grandmother was Catherine Croys. In about 1654, Pierre’s father Theodore married Marthe Pacquet, daughter of Denis Pacquet, squire, Lord of Lagebâton, and Marie Marignier. The three sons of Theodore and Marthe were Pierre, baptized 20 January 1655, Jean, baptized 16 June 1657, and Theodore, baptized 26 February 1660. All three were baptized in the Protestant temple of La Rochefoucauld.

Pierre Dulignon, a Sargent in the company of Joseph de Jardy, Lord of Cabanac, probably arrived in New France in July 1685 with his lieutenant and a contingent of five hundred men. Pierre had come to join his younger brother, Jean, who had arrived in 1670 . In 1686 they began the Iroquois War and in 1690, they were defending Québec against Phipps. At the end of the Iroquois War, Pierre Dulignon, de La Mirande, settled at La Rivière-du-Loup.

On 27 July 1703, l’abbé Léonard Chaigneau, Sulpician, wrote the marriage contract of Pierre Dulignon with Marguerite de Gerlais, daughter of Jean de Gerlais, dit Saint-Amand, one of the first founders of the seigneurie. The marriage took place at the same time at Rivière-du-Loup.

(Material taken from Histoire de Louiseville, November 1965 by Germain Lasage, O.M.I. , a translation by Br. Raymond Dufresne, C.S.C.)