Edward, Elizabeth and William

This is a story which shows some of the interesting and tangled stories that occur in the family history.

Edward Henry Warland

Edward Henry Warland was born in 1842, the brother of Charles John Warland my great grandfather. Their mother Mary had died in 1855 and their father Charles died in 1856 when Edward was 14. Charles John married in 1856 and we find Edward Henry living with his brother and wife Georgiana (Stannard) in 1861 at 10 Jerusalem Court, Clerkenwell. Georgina’s parents were then living at 9 Jersusalem Court.

In 1866 Edward married Elizabeth Ann Hayett in Bethnal Green. They had nine children:

  • Edward Henry born 1864
  • Charles Albert born 1874
  • Nellie Louisa born 1876
  • Jessie Augusta born 1877

Charles and Nellie went on to marry but Jessie died in 1890 at age 13.

Elizabeth remarried in 1879 to William Stannard, Edward Henry’s brother-in-law. We don’t know what happened to Edward.

William Stannard

William Samuel Stannard was born in 1841, the younger brother of Georgiana Stannard, my great grandmother.

In 1859, William married Amelia Ann Parrott. Their first child Amelia Caroline was born in 1860. In 1861 William, Amelia and Amelia Caroline were living with Amelia’s father George Parrott. Together they had four children …..
Amelia died in 1869 of ‘acute rheumatism’.

In 1879, William remarried to Elizabeth Hayett, then Elizabeth Warland. The marriage certificate names her as Elizabeth Rosina Warland and her father as Daniel Bishop. I am convinced however that this really is Elizabeth Hayett – there are several children living with this family from Elizabeth’s marriage to Edward Warland.

William and Elizabeth had four children:

  • Valentine

In 1903, Elizabeth died and in 1906 William went on to marry his third wife Laura Florence Clark (born Cubitt). In 1911 William and Laura were living at 77 Bevendon Street, Shoreditch with three children from Laura’s previous marriage. Earlier, William had lived at 75 Bevendon street with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Hayett

Elizabeth is somewhat of a mystery. The census returns give her place of birth as Suffolk. So far I have not found any information on where or who her parents were.