• Hi Mike:

    I have been researching the Valliere family tree and came across your site a long time ago. When I checked back in again I noticed the photo’s. I went back to my Tribal Pages tree and found the few that have names on them are listed in my tree. I was wondering if I could save some copies from your site and put them on my blog. I would give credit and a link back to your site.

    This would mean we are family, Id be interested in knowing where we connect. If you want to share your info and find out let me know. If I am correct Nere is Honore Valliere? That would be our connection point?

    I look forward to hearing back, thanks,

    • admin

      I apologize for the long delay in getting back to you. I hadn’t looked at the site for ages and almost all messages are usually spam!
      This is my wifes family but still, you are likely related even if way back, most Vallieres are!
      I couldn’t see either Honore Valliere or Nere Valliere in your tree. btw, I believe Nere is an abbreviation even though it shows up in a census like that (and I have one of his tools with Nere engraved in it). His father was Honore so it makes sense.
      I could send you a pdf of ancestors of Nere if that is of interest. I’d be interested in what overlaps you see.

      Let me know which photos you think are relevant to you. I probably have better digitized copies I could send you. Maybe we could exchange?

      Lastly, I made extensive use of the PRDH database from the University of Montreal and I believe I have every known ancestor of my wifes known in Quebec back to immigrants from France (and a few other countries). Since they made use of the Quebec church records it should be accurate. Haven’t entered it in my database yet so I can’t upload it to my site.

      I’ll take another look at your site later and see if I can find a closer connection.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.

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